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The contents of this collection of tunes is taken from Marc Johnson's archives. They were recorded live on a "state of the art" , two track advent cassett tape recorder using two sure SM-57 Michropones, strategically placed from optimum clarity and mix. The tapes were then "aged" approximately 30 years before being transferred to CD, Downloaded in .mp3 format and presented to you, here. In other words - 'what you hear is what you get, warts and all'. So listen to the music, which has some very good (and not so good) preformances, but, try not to be too critical of the production.

The members of the band on the discs titled Swingshift I and Swingshift II were:

Kenny Cox - Guitar and Vocals

Bruce Bouck - Guitar and Vocals

Gary Jarvis - Bass and Vocals

Marc Johnson - Drums

Swingshift I, cuts 1-4 were recorded live at Whiskey Bills on 9/15/78. Swingshift 11, cuts 1 - 4 were recorded at Club 1280 (Gary Jarvis' house) 5/15/78. Cuts 5 - 10 were also recorded at Club 1280, 9/1/78. Cuts 11 & 12 were recorded live at the Gilded Garter in Central City Colorado on 8/18/1977.

Download Swingshift disc1 HERE

Below are a couple of sample songs from Swingshift Disc 1:

00:00 / 03:44

Honky Tonk Blue

Vocal: Bruck Bouck

00:00 / 03:57

Still Alive and Well

Vocal: Kenny Cox

Download Swingshift disc2HERE

Below are a couple of sample songs from Swingshift Disc 2:

00:00 / 02:53



00:00 / 02:16

New Road Under My Wheels

Vocal: Bruce Bouck

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